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The Steering Committee of the UNESCO/Flanders Funds-in-Trust for the Support of UNESCO's Activities in the Field of Science has permanent members from EWI and UNESCO, and participation from programme/project management:

(in alphabetical order)


Mr Julian Barbière (UNESCO IOC, MPR) J.Barbiere


Mrs Maria Rosa Cardenas (UNESCO MAB)  m.cardenas

Mr Miguel Clusener-Godt (UNESCO MAB) M.Clusener-Godt

Mrs Claudia Delgado (IODE Project Office, UNESCO IOC) c.delgado

Mr Alejandro Iglesias (UNESCO IOC, MPR) a.iglesias-campos 

Mrs Ann-Katrien Lescrauwaet (Flanders Marine Institute) annkatrien.lescrauwaet

Mr Anil Mishra (UNESCO IHP) a.mishra 

Mr Peter Pissierssens (IODE Project Office, UNESCO IOC) p.pissierssens

Mr Gert Verreet (Government of Flanders) gert.verreet  

Mr Dries Willems (Flanders Delegation UNESCO) drieswillems


Mrs Jessica Jeavons (UNESCO) J.Jeavons

In addition the FUST Steering Committee can invite relevant experts.

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