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The FRIEND - Nile project dated back to the original programme FRIEND-Water, a cutting-edge initiative that interacts with all five core IHP-IV theme (International Hyfrological Programme IV) with the main purpose to improve the efficiency of water resource accessment and management. FRIEND - Nile was launched during the fifth phase of IHP as a regional fusion along with many other projects which can be named: Asian Pacific FRIEND, Hindu Kush/ Himalayan and Central Asia (HKH) FRIEND, FRIEND/AMIGO for Latin America and the Caribbean were all established at this time. Today over 162 countries participate in FRIEND-Water within the eight regional FRIEND-Water groups. A hydrological database is one of the cornerstones for the research activities of each of the eight regional FRIEND-Water groups. Notable achievements include the EURO FRIEND European Water Archive (EWA) and AP FRIEND's five volumes Catalogue of Rivers for Southeast Asia and the Pacific.