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Integrate Africa’s rich geological heritage into the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network: promoting the concept and building capacity for local communities and site managers

The Geopark concept was defined in the 90s with the main target to protect and promote Earth heritage sites through the sustainable development. The Global Geoparks Network (GGN), established from 2004, operates as an international platform for cooperation among Geoparks around the world. The GGN includes 161 sites in 44 countries working to protect Geological heritage and promote local sustainable development. Despite the potential, Africa only has one UNESCO Global Geopark Ngorongoro-Lengai in Tanzania. The benefits offered by UNESCO Global Geoparks are undeniable, in particular through civic and scientific education. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the operation of Geoparks with partnerships and cooperation was able to support its communities. 

UNESCO news on UGGp:

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Due to the COVID pandemic, all activities under the SSA were put on hold and will be implemented as soon as circumstances allow for it. Several activities were prepared in preparation – see above. The only activity that was initiated was the desk study to identify potential sites and key partners, but the COVID pandemic hampered the finalization of the work – a draft of which is annexed for information.

Over 300 participants participated in the webinar series and 8 participants from Africa attended the 2-week intensive course (online) that was organized with GGN in June 2020.