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ODINAFRICA-IV: Expected outcomes and deliverables

Accordingly the expected outcomes and deliverables of ODINAFRICA-IV shall be:

  • Strengthened and sustainable marine data and information management infrastructure in the ODINAFRICA countries;
  • National multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder data networks to maximize the use of available data and to make available IODE NODCs data management expertise to other stakeholders;
  • Priority [customised] products such as forecasts, predictions, models, atlases, scenarios focussing on the following priority areas;
  • Improved mechanisms for the dissemination and application of data, information and products [through standards based catalogues of data and metadata and integrated web based portals and connection to the IODE OceanDataPortal]

More than the previous phases, ODINAFRICA-IV will be product and user driven.

ODINAFRICA-IV will aim to assist decision makers by coordinating the data management and product development in a multi-sectoral approach.

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