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FUST Ocean, Ocean Science for a Sustainable Development Agenda

In 1998 the Government of Flanders signed a general cooperation agreement with UNESCO to achieve common global objectives. A year later Flanders approved the first 5-year agreement on the UNESCO/Flanders Fund-in-Trust for the support of UNESCO's activities in the field of Science (FUST). Since then 3 additional agreements have been signed. Under these agreements Flanders has provided support for projects by UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme (IHP), Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC).

The FUST Ocean event, including a guided exhibition and four seminars, will present a remarkable opportunity to highlight achievements which were enabled through FUST, in the presence of guests from our partner countries and international organisations involved. The event will focus on the recent results and impacts of on-going key projects related to oceans and coastal areas.

Join us for the seminars 14&16 May and the exposition 14-17 May

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