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UNESCO organizes an international symposium on “Conserving Cultural and Biological Diversity: The Role of Sacred Natural Sites and Cultural Landscapes” which will take place in Tokyo (Japan) from 30 May – 2 June 2005. The symposium is embedded within the World Expo 2005 under the motto “Nature’s Wisdom” and “Celebrating Diversity”. The United Nations University (UNU) is hosting the symposium at its Headquarters in Tokyo. The symposium is organized by UNESCO in collaboration with UNU and IUCN-The World Conservation Union, and in partnership with the Convention on Biological Diversity and the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

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April-June 2005

USD 10,643




    The FRIEND Nile FUST Project was initiated by UNESCO in March 1996 and aims at creating better understandings and quantification of the river Nile system to enhance the management of the Nile water resources and to improve the planning of water resources projects in the Nile Basin countries.



USD 929,700 





USD 958,445






    The Framework Programme for Research, Education and Training in Water (FETWater) is a programme for effective cooperation in research, education, training and capacity building initiatives to achieve integrated water resource management in South Africa.   Download Report

Assessment of the Cazalac-UNESCO Flanders Phase II Final Report

Summary Report- January 2010 Download Report


513 GLO 2006

Workshop for the establishment of a pilot project to collect in real-time metadata from SST and temperature profile data and DBCP users and technology workshop

March 2006

USD 15,000



Small Scale Initiative

IOC Ocean Forum series on the marine environment, published by UNESCO Publishing.
Specifically, the 2005 manuscript proposed as Volume 7: “The Gulf Stream: Past, present and future” (provisional title).


USD 10,000


Development of an African repository for electronic publications (ODINPubAfrica)

Development of an OAI-compliant e-repository providing access to full-text knowledge items available in African ocean libraries and information centres, partners in ODFINAFRICA. These may include scientific articles, theses, images/reports and other published or unpublished (grey literature) materials, available in full-text electronic form.
Rationale: During the ODINAFRICA-II project all participating ocean libraries were provided with the INMAGIC Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) software. All libraries built their in-house library catalogue using this software (and using a standard format). After quality control the records of all libraries were merged into the AFRILIB library catalogue available on the IOC/ODINAFRICA web site. This data base includes records on all (paper) publications (monographs, reprints, photocopies of articles, journals, theses, etc) available in the libraries. The system does not provide full-text access to these objects. Accordingly to obtain the full-text version of the objects interlibrary loan requests need to be sent to the holding library.

Provide a platform facilitating the development of Africa e-Journals
Rationale: on many occasions African scientists have expressed their concern about their difficulty in publishing their research findings in international journals. Several attempts have been made by various institutions and organizations to start the publishing of African ocean journals in print form. Most have failed due to the lack of interested publishers, limited market potential and other business related reasons. E-journals are able to bypass the need for commercial publishers. This model has proved itself for various disciplines (eg physics, mathematics, etc).



USD 111,100

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